Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention


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The advertising sells these chemical drain cleaners as quick and easy solutions, but they are expensive and can result in expensive plumbing bills in the future. These harsh chemicals can damage drain pipes and they fail to completely clear clogs. If the plunger and/or hot water and dish soap can’t clear the clog, you need to call a plumber for drain cleaning.


Using basket strainers or catchers in your sinks and shower will prevent a lot of hair, soap residue and food waste from going down the drain and creating clogs. Trust the plumbers: regularly emptying the basket strainer is much easier than the time-consuming and unpleasant task of clearing a badly clogged drain.


If your dishwasher suddenly started flooding the kitchen or a pipe burst or a tap broke, would you know where to find your main water valve so you could quickly shut it off and minimize the flood?


The flush valve seal keeps water from flowing from the tank to the bowl of your toilet when it’s sitting idle. Test the seal by squirting a couple drops of food coloring into the toilet tank. Check on the toilet two hours later. If the color is now in the toilet bowl, you have a leak.


Even if the manufacturer set your water heater to 140 degrees, 120 degrees will deliver warm water throughout your house and save you money on your energy bills.


Is the water too slow in the shower or the spray pattern too erratic? You might need a new shower head, but first try cleaning your existing one. Get a plastic bag and fill it half-way with vinegar. Then using a rubber band attached the bag around your shower head. Leave it overnight and if all goes well, you’ll have a terrific shower in the morning.

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